Dr. Peter-Michael Pawlik, Bremen

For more than 30 years I have been passionate about the sailing ships from the River Weser (Bremen, Bremerhaven, Vegesack, Elsfleth, Brake). Since 1993 I have published several books on this subject, among them the trilogy "Von der Weser in die Welt" ("Sailing from the Weser into the World"). In three volumes I describe the shipyards on the lower Weser between Bremen and Bremerhaven and the sailing ships built there, especially in the 19th century.
For me ships, sailing ships in particular, are like living creatures – they are born with their launching and often they find a dramatic end, in between unfolds a biography with ups and downs. Therefore, "Von der Weser in die Welt" focusses on ship biographies and all available images of the ships in question, including many emigration/immigration ships sailing from Bremen/Bremerhaven.

With my website I would like to make you acquainted with my books, to introduce future projects and perhaps gather or exchange new information. For historians there all still lots of treasures hidden in attics and bookcases ...

Dr. Peter-Michael Pawlik