Book projects

At the time being I am working an two book projects:

Vol. IV "Von der Weser in die Welt"
Albeit the chapter "shipyards on the River Weser during the era of sail and the biographies of ships built by these yards" is completed, this does not apply to the biographies of all sailing vessels registered in Weser ports (situated in the German states Bremen, Oldenburg, and Hanover/later Prussia). Many newbuildings were ordered by Bremen shipowners from German yards outside the Weser region (e.g. Eckernfoerde on the Baltic Sea - one of the principal building places of Bremen ships during the 18th century) or later, towards the end of the 19th century, from English or Scottish yards. But first and foremost, second hand ships were bought, mainly sailing ships built in North America ("Downeasters and Nova Scotians"), but also many vessels built in Sweden, France, Italy, and of course Great Britain.

A lot of information on this subject has already been gathered, but even more new research is necessary before the basis is sufficient for a book!

Catalogue of Emigrant Ships from the Weser and their Masters
Often I am asked by people, especially genealogists from the U. S., for details on ships aboard which their ancestors emigrated from Europe to America, Australia, or elsewhere.

A kind of catalogue of the vessels employed in the emigrant trade and their voyages from the Weser from 1835 to 1875 (end of emigration from Germany by sailing ships) could answer these questions. The steamships which transported passengers from Bremerhaven to New York during this period should be included, not only the steamers WASHINGTON and HERMANN of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company and of Norddeutscher Lloyd, but also the vessels of other companies, such as various big wooden paddle steamers flying the American flag towards the end of the 1860ies (e. g. North American Lloyd/Ruger Bros.). Biographical dates on the masters of these emigrant ships as well as images of ships and captains would complete the book.